Volunteer Docents & Ushers

Volunteer Docents attend a training session under the auspices of the VP, SAS Education and then go out to participating schools to share a 20-minute presentation that gives students attending the YPCs a better understanding of the music they will hear at the concert.

League docents are a group of people - men and women - who enjoy sharing their love and appreciation of music with children, mainly in 4th and 5th grades. Invited by the teacher responsible for music education in the school, volunteers are first prepped about the music the children will hear. They go to the schools with this information and talk with the students. Often a musician will accompany the docent, which becomes a special treat for the children. The musician demonstrates his/her instrument, play portions of the music and answer lots of questions from the students. The presentations are coordinated with the teacher as to date and time, length, equipment available, location in the school etc. We love to have new docents join us and share their music appreciation with others. There are four Young People's Concerts a year and each docent does 1-2 presentations throughout the year.

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Volunteer Ushers serve at the YPCs themselves, helping to safely guide students from their school busses to the auditorium, to their seats and then back again. Their work is critical to providing the children with a safe and positive experience at the concerts.

Men and women volunteers meet at Laurie Auditorium, Trinity University, where the YPCs are held. Ushers need to be available on concert days from 8:45am to 11:45am.

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