Program Policies

Belle Program Policies:

  1. The San Antonio Symphony League sponsors the Belle Program; therefore, acceptance into the Belle Program requires parent(s) to be annual members in the San Antonio Symphony League.
  2. Annual (tax-deductible) belle contributions are made payable to the San Antonio Symphony League, who, in turn, presents 100% of all contributions to the San Antonio Symphony. The San Antonio Symphony cannot accept or apply belle contributions to the donor’s Symphony account. 
  3. Each Belle will be individually registered in the Belle Program and the Belle's family will be invoiced for each child’s annual contribution and senior year fees.  There will be no credit or reduction in annual contribution or senior fees if a family has more than one child in the belle track at any given time.
  4. There are no contribution refunds for belles leaving the program nor will paid donations for that departing belle be transferred to another sibling or belle in the belle track. 
  5. If a belle enters the belle track later than the freshman year, a cumulative contribution for the previous years will be due at the time of acceptance. 

To secure a place in the San Antonio Symphony League’s Belle Program, the Belle and Belle parents must comply with the listings below. Compliance will, also, assure your Belle is presented at the Symphony Ball during her high school senior year.  

Parent (or Sponsor) Obligations:

  1. The parent must be current in their annual membership dues with the San Antonio Symphony League.  League membership renewal occurs in April each year.
  2. The parent (or sponsor) must be current in their annual belle contribution of $1,000 each year, for the total four years of the Belle’s high school years. Contributions are due by September of each year. 
  3. Each Belle family must participate in one League event or Belle Service committee of the Belle Program. 
  4. A separate estimated $1,500 Presentation Fee will be due in the Fall of the Belle’s senior year.  This fee covers the cost of the dinner at the Ball for the Belle and her escort, her senior year social functions and her flowers and incidentals.  
  5. For the Ball,
    • the parent will purchase a table of ten.
    • the presenter of the Belle will wear formal attire (as determined by the Senior Belle Committee).

Belle Requirements:

  1. For those in the Belle Track prior to their senior year,
    • participation in, at least, one Belle Service activity—per year.
    • attendance at Symphony 101 (freshmen), 201 (sophomores) and 301 (juniors).
    • attendance at one Symphony concert—per year.
  2. Senior year belles will attend the following pre-Ball events: Informational Meeting, Acceptance Tea, Casual Party, 4-5 Ball Bow Practices and Rehearsal Luncheon.
  3. For the Ball,
    • the senior Belle will invite her own escort, who will wear formal attire (as determined by the Senior Belle Committee).
    • the senior Belle will provide her own appropriate long white ball gown (with the consent of the Senior Belle Chair) and accessories.