Orchestra Luncheon Hospitality

Four times each year, a dedicated group of League volunteers bring their homemade goodies to the Tobin Center and serve lunch to the musicians, as they rest from their double rehearsals. Volunteers spend approximately 2.5 hours at the Tobin Center plus cooking time at home, per lunch. Dotty Huffman, the committee chair, calls or writes each person who volunteers, asking what they would like to contribute to the planned lunch. (She has a list of "needs").

The first lunch of the season (typically October) is sandwiches and raw vegetables, followed in January by the famous SOUPS DAY—18+ crock pots steaming with delicious soups! The third luncheon in March serves hot casseroles and breads and, finally, in May, lots of donated pizza. Our volunteer cooks are even preparing both vegetarian and gluten-free dishes! This is a very casual group and joining them is a wonderful way to meet other League members, musicians and even visiting soloists, as well as our own Maestro and SAS CEO. 

To sign up or for more information please call 210-824-3838.