Belle Program

For over 40 years, the San Antonio Symphony League has proudly presented young ladies who are the children or grandchildren of the members at a formal Symphony Ball. The Belle Program allows us to introduce these young people to the community and also recognize the generosity of those who have traditionally supported our League as volunteers or donors. During their freshman, sophomore and junior years of high school, Belles earn volunteer service hours through various Symphony and League events.

The Belles are presented during their senior year of high school. Parents, grandparents, legal guardians or sponsors, who are active members of the Symphony League, are encouraged to submit girls' names. As indicated in the Program Policies, a contribution is made each year, freshman through senior year, by the parent, grandparent, legal guardian or sponsor to the San Antonio Symphony League. During the Belle's senior year, additional fees for Ball presentation and tables are incurred. In the League fiscal year they are received, 100% of the annual contributions are given to the San Antonio Symphony. The annual contributions and fees are subject to change.

Please contact  the VP Belle Program, Meaghan Williams at (201) 988-4005 or email to recommend someone for this program and for further information.

The Symphony Belle Program was begun in 1972 by Margaret King Stanley, then President of The Women's Committee of the San Antonio Symphony (now the Symphony League). Margaret envisioned the Belle program, culminating each year in a gala presentation now known as The Symphony Ball, as a way to build long-lasting support for the orchestra. The Ball is one of the city's most anticipated events, and has brought prestige and important funding to the Symphony. Over one million dollars have been raised and the program continues to be a success, attracting new patrons and interest in the orchestra, year after year. At the same time, since its inception it has served to introduce the daughters of many of San Antonio's families.