2016- 2017 Board of Directors

All listings are Members of the SASL Board of Directors.

All highlighted listings are Members of the SASL Executive Committee

• President Freddie E. Cervera 
• Immediate Past President Lisa Caldwell
• Recording Secretary Maureen Hillman
Corresponding Secretary Carol Chapman Ryan
• Vice President Administration Kathleen Meriwether
Nominating Freddie E. Cervera
• Vice President Audience Development Lulu Zertuche
Music at Home Vacant
• Vice President Belle Programs Andrea Olson
Belle Development Andrea Olson
Belle Service Joan Whiteley
Belle Billings  
Belle Spring Style Show

Freshman Belle Moms
(Class of 2020)

Belle Symphony Education  
Senior Belles Kathy Stell
2017 Symphony Ball Chairs Jill and George Vassar
2018 Symphony Ball Chairs Toni (Reister) and Craig Wood
* Vice President Fundraising  
Jennifer Brown
• Vice President Communications Suzie Walker
Newsletter Martin Kushner
• Vice President(s) Education April Dickson
YPC Docents Genie Sobin
YPC Ushers Edna Boggess Martin
Paint to Music Joan Whiteley & Penny Wiederhold
• Vice President Finance/Treasurer Martin Kushner
Assistant Treasurer Jimmie Balling
Budget Martin Kushner
An Evening of Classical Shopping Terri McDowell
• Vice President Membership Lynn Amos & Lynda Jacob
Database Renee Bailey
Directory Carolyn Hoelscher
Recruitment Vacant
Retention Vacant
Placement Vacant
• Vice President Service Sallie Guy
Archives Ricki Kushner
Guest Artist Hospitality Kip Goebel
Historian Carolyn Hoelscher
Orchestra Luncheons BJ Neal and Toni Murgo
Symphony Special Projects BJ Neal
• Vice President(s) Social Activities Melissa Rubiola & Courtney Schultz
Fall Season Opener  
Holiday Coffee Sophomore Belle Moms (Class of 2019)
Spring Evening Out  
End of Season Celebration  
TASO Representative Terri McDowell